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A roof covered with vegetation. There are two types.  

  1. Intensive are covered with grasses, herbs, bushes and trees. 

  2. Extensive are covered with mosses, sedums and herbs.

What is a green roof?

Urbanscape Green Roof System is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas.

What is Urbanscape?

A complete system, which consists of a root membrane, a drainage system,  and a Green Roll substrate.


We can work with you to find a sedum mat supplier and an irrigation system (if required)

What does Urbanscape include?

Urbanscape Green Roll is a unique patented growing substrate made of long rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt.

What is a Green Roll?

The price of a Green Roof depends primarily on the dimensions of the roof. Please contact us for a quote.

What does Urbanscape cost?

An irrigation system is always recommended but not required for the Urbanscape system. Should you wish to install one, procurement and sourcing is your responsibility but we may be able to help.

Do I need an irrigation system?

Yes! Depending on height, accessibility and safety regulations, the following equipment is all you really need: scissors, hook cutter, broom, saw, work and safety wear, and drain basket(s).

Is Urbanscape easy to install?


17.9Kg/m2 – 20.1Kg/m2


42.9Kg/m2 – 57.1Kg/m2

How much does Urbanscape weigh?

Yes! Extensive Green Roofs are low-maintenance. Twice per year the system should be inspected, watered, weeded and fertilized.

Is Urbanscape easy to maintain?

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