Performance Evaluation Tool

Based on the results of a 2-year in-situ performance study of different types of Urbanscape Green Roof Systems in different climate conditions we are now able to define economic and environmental advantages of a green roof in terms of:


  • Energy performance in summer (cooling effect)

  • Energy performance in winter (thermal insulation)

  • Rainwater or stormwater management performance

  • Performance in reducing the heat island effect


PET helps current and potential users/owners of Urbanscape know the real performance of a green roof in detailed numeric and graphic data reports. For example, the graphs below show annual energy and stormwater management performance on a typical warm lightweight roof in Toronto. 

With just a couple simple inputs, we can calculate specific performance results of your planned Urbanscape system:


  • Building construction details (ex. Roof type, insulation type, etc.)

  • Site meteorological parameters

  • Urbanscape system components (ex. Width of green roll, irrigation system, etc.)


If you are interested in receiving a sample Performance evaluation report for a selected city OR if you would like us to prepare you a Customized Performance Evaluation Tool for a specific project, please contact us.

Urbanscape Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) was designed to measure and define green roof performance in different climate zones.