Urbanscape Landscaping

The landscaping industry is constantly evolving to ensure improved plant growth, resistance to environmental stress and soil erosion control management. Additionally, the sustainable aspect of landscaping solutions related to water conservation is becoming increasingly important.


Green Roll

Base ground

rock, sand, soil


Soil or sand cover

Urbanscape Green Flocks

Urbanscape®Green Flocks are made of virgin rock mineral wool. Urbanscape Green Flocks are used as a growing medium for home and professional use, or to augment high quality soil for both indoor and outdoor plant production. Green flocks have superior water storage and release capabilities, making water and nutrients easily accessible to plants. Green flocks improve soil structure and help protect plants from environmental stress.

Urbanscape Green Roll

Urbanscape Green Roll (HTC GR) is made of long rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt. Product is made solely of virgin rock mineral fibres. Urbanscape Green Roll ensures excellent water retention and conservation in an array of landscaping applications and is a good addition to existing growing mediums.

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