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For proper maintenance of your Urbanscape Green Roof System, we recommend securing a maintenance contract with a green roof maintenance company. At the very least, you should follow these maintenance recommendations below. 

After the Urbanscape Green Roof system is installed, it must be immediately watered until the vegetation and Urbanscape Green Roll is completely saturated.

Immediately After Installation

Regular Maintenance of Mature Roof

For ongoing maintenance of your mature green roof, we strongly recommend completing and documenting the following work at least twice per year:

  • emergency watering, especially for non-irrigated systems and in the event of longer, dry periods combined with high temperatures

  • slow release fertilizer application and removal of weeds/in-blown seeds

  • replanting empty patches if they occur

  • restoring green roof substrate in the case of wind or water erosion

  • inspecting and cleaning all drainage points

Mini rooting of the vegetation into Urbanscape® green roll after one week.

Complete rooting of the vegetation into Urbanscape® green roll after two months.

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