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Urbanscape Green Roof

3 cups


Roof Base Structure


Drainage System


Green Roll

Sedum-mix Blanket


Root Membrane

Waterproof Membrane

Urbanscape is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas.

Urbanscape Root Membrane

Urbanscape Root Membrane is a black LD Polyethylene regenerate which is used to prevent the roots penetrating in green roofs.

Urbanscape Drainage System

Urbanscape Drainage System (no buffer) is a high-performance drainage system with an innovative dimple design made out of recycled high impact polystyrene. It acts as a drainage, separation and protection layer. The core of the drainage system is a perforated dimpled sheet with a high compressive strength and a construction height of approx. 12.5 mm. A non-woven geotextile is bonded to each dimple as a separation and protection layer.

*A drainage system with buffer is available for dry climatic regions that require additional water retention.

Urbanscape Green Roll

Urbanscape Green Roll is made of long rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt. Product is made solely of virgin rock mineral fibres. Urbanscape Green Roll ensures excellent water retention and conservation in green roofs and is a good growing medium made from various mineral mixtures.

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System Elements

Urbanscape is a complete system, which consists of a root membrane, a drainage system, and a growing media (green roll) - a unique patented rock mineral wool. The vegetation layer is supplied by a sedum mat grower of your choice. We can help you arrange that.



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Just how much water can the Urbanscape Green Roll hold?

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